Looking To Patch In Albion Online

We’re looking to patch in a fix for server issues and the issues some people have been reporting with the marketplace. This will be in the next 2 hours or so, but we’ll update you on exactly when that will be as soon as we can.
We are aware of problems with missing founder item mails. Your items are still there and will get to you by buy Albion Online Gold, it’s just the servers which supplied them have crashed which resulted in them disappearing. This may not be fixed in this upcoming patch, but will be as soon as possible.Same problem here now… cannot play on android and laptop.. reinstalled few times (downloaded current versions) now both on tablet and laptop.
Tryed lower graphic settings on my laptop lowest possible etc. Only got to run it once on windowed 800×600 when i was able to see my login bonus and make a one step before it crashed. Now Albion Online Silver crashes every single time im trying to login…
No fix for me either although the black screen is lasting longer before kicking me to login screen. Is this isolated to an overpopulated/ overburdened server or something else? Two days of not playing think ill put the tablet down for a while this is discouraging.

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