Community Staffing Update On MapleStory

I wanted to provide a general staffing update, as we’re just past the holiday season, and ramping up for a new exciting year of MapleStory! I know since Artasi left, it’s been a little quiet, but I wanted to assure you all that it hasn’t been quiet over here inside Nexon. Your feedback is still being recorded and passed to our Production and Development teams, and any issues that pop-up are being handled as they are reported. MapleStory Mesos has been helping out a bunch in those areas, and I thank her for her support while we’ve been going through the process of hiring a new MapleStory Community Manager.
Speaking of a new CM, I’m happy to announce that on Monday, January 11th, we’ll have a new CM joining our team here at Nexon America, specifically for MapleStory! They may not introduce themselves Day 1, as there’s a lot of SUPER FUN government-mandated paperwork and training to go through by Buy MapleStory Mesos, but once they’re ready to announce themselves and communicate with you all (which will certainly be within that first week), we’ll make that announcement post. I’m not going to say anything else, since it’s up to that individual to introduce themselves.

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