The problem with Albion Online

The problem with that math is that you are relying on someone having a fully upgraded island from the get-go and using all the farming plots for raising mounts. This doesn’t allow for growing food for the animals or food for buildings etc. Sure, if you have a couple of alts (also with fully upgraded islands) to farm food exclusively for your mount farm by buy Albion Online Gold, maybe that’d be ok but for most players it’s not realistic.
The progress of mounts is far slower than anything else at this point, and actually using the saddler doesn’t give any fame towards mount-making progress. This is both impractical and inconsistent with the way the rest of the progress trees work.
59 minutes to craft 1507 potatoes to potato schnapps and gave me 45k fame of the 1.4 million I need just to get halfway to use a crapload of LP so I don’t have to do double that or more!!!
So basically if I spent 30 plus hours straight making potatoes into schnapps I would be halfway to making the Albion Online Gold or whatever is called. I actually don’t even care anymore as this has been like it since day 1 and no-one has given a hooch!
Good thing everyone didn’t solely go in to potion making or trying to get a T8 mount!


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