Issues in Albion Online

I am having a hard time understanding how the fame system has been enhanced. Before this update to flat rate fame I could kill a full tier four mob and get 700 fame but let’s say I find him half full at 350 fame. To unlock the old 4.3 claws I would need to grind out 720,000 fame which would equate to around 771 half full tier four mobs. If we take the new fame requirement which sits at around 50,000 you only get a flat rate of 32 fame for killing the tier four mob, this equates to 1,562 of these mobs killed to get the chance to spend learning points. This doesn’t strike me as enhanced. To be fair if you were to increase the flat rate to even 100 fame you would still need to kill 500 mobs which is shorter than the 771 but it’s still a grind which I enjoy Albion Online Gold. Now let’s factor in grinding mobs with friends. If you just have two people that is 175 fame per person at 350 half full. For the new flat rate that which is still split is 16 fame. That makes grouping to kill become an eternity in my opinion. I enjoy spending time earning my equipment and I feel accomplished when I complete a good grind but this seems just a bit much. If my math is incorrect or I am making no sense, please let me know. Thanks for reading

I played the summer alpha and they had set the mobs to refresh at 75% capacity, the base rate fame for a tier 4 then was about 150 if I remember correctly. It may just be a mind game but I enjoyed catching mobs at 700 fame rather then killing the same mob and seeing 48 total fame, it’s depressing. I went to the test server and killed a tier 7 direboar, it gave me over 300 fame. I would love to go farm those however because the map sizes are not that large most the really large guilds own the black territories and that can make it a nightmare trying to farm. The people who are comfortable with the current system are most likely in a large guild or alliance. It’s always important to not forget about the smaller guilds and even solo players. Albion is a fun game but I don’t have the time to sit there and grind 10 hours a day. Some days I can’t even devote 2 hours to the AlbionMall and seeing Korn’s post on the current grind schedule it would take at least two hours a day for an entire year to get your gear maxed or faster for those without a job or family that can devote way more time. Sorry but grinding the same mobs everyday for a year would make anyone go insane, there has to be a compromise somewhere. I am glad they have changed alot and I do hope that the flat rate fame gets a little boost.


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