Protecting your account against hackers in Albion Online

1.) Never use the same password for your game account and email address.

This one is pretty simple. If you use the same password for both things, it only enabled the hackers to make further changes to your account and even have access to more of your personal information.

2.) Avoid using the same login information that you’ve used for other games or fansites.

This is pretty much the same as number 1. Most hackers get their information from infecting fan-sites with keyloggers and of course they have lists of emails and passwords that they’ve used on other titles. So do the smart thing and avoid using the same password for the same game.

This also means it’s a good idea to use a different email address as well for a new title, that you wish to play. Just like with the password information, that hacker may be able to get their hands on, they will also have your previous or current email address. So using a brand new email address can also help with increasing the security of your account. I would recommend services like Google, which gives you the option to use a 2 step authenticating for accessing your email address.

3.) Don’t buy gold/silver!

Well if you buy Albion Online Gold, you are only helping the hackers to continue ruining with the game that you want to enjoy. Also lets not forget that these hackers / currency farmers don’t get their gold/silver from using bots over and over again to get their gold/silver. They hack accounts and strip all that currency to then sell to someone. Most if not all those currency farming websites are also infected with keyloggers.

4.) Don’t download bots!

Firstly if you get caught you will get banned and you deserve it! Secondly any “free” bot that you see out there is just a little .exe file that is in fact a keylogger! So use some common sense and just play the game normally and avoid your account being banned.

5.) Don’t share your account!

Giving your friends access to your account causes issue for Sandbox and will cause issues for you. If you allow people access to your account, they could say and do something, which ends up getting your account suspended or banned and in the eyes of Sandbox this was you. They can’t see who the person is that is logging into the account.

Also can you really trust your friends? For all you know that have bots on their computers, which will get detected and boom there goes your account. Remember that you are personally responsible for the security of your account and your computer, not Sandbox.

6.) Scans.

Make sure you scan your computer for viruses/keyloggers at least once a week to make sure that it’s clear. This is because when your information is collected it’s not used at that very same moment, but the hackers will use it days or weeks later. So being able to notice a virus or keylogger was on your system, the sooner you can get the password to your email and account changed.
7.) Photo ID

Make sure you never have photos of these still in your email address, which you may have sent to companies in regards to account verification. If a hacker gets onto your email address, they will have access to everything. So make sure any old (sent) emails are deleted if they contain images of your ID. Nothing more worrying that having a hacker getting hold of your ID, which just makes it easier for them to say they are the owner of the account.

8.) Passwords.

Make sure you have a good password. Don’t have something, which can be guessed. For example I know there are those of you out there, who probably have qwerty123 as a password. Make sure to have something like MyPass87OFAweSOME for example. using lower case, upper case and numbers as the passwords for Albion Online I believe are case sensitive.

Soon we may be getting a 2 step authenticator, so once that has been released, please download it onto your phone and get it attached to your account. This will provide even greater security for your account and peace of mind for you.

9.) Scams (Ingame whispers / emails)

Another tactic used by hackers are trying to take advantage of peoples insecurities. I’m talking about the ingame whisper and emails, which inform you that you’re about to be banned or have been banned by Albion Online Power Leveling.
Ingame Whispers: These whispers normally will inform you that you’ve been detected cheating/selling gold/botting or any other reason that the script is setup to spam as many people as possible. It will say that if you don’t respond to the link in the whisper, your account will be banned. Now remember that the link will never be to the official page of, but will be something like or something close resemblance to the original URL. Just ignore the whisper and continue playing because if you were going to be banned, you would be banned and then receive an email about it informing you that you have been banned and reason behind that decision.
Finally remember that Game Masters in Albion Online with have (GM) in blue font. Players can not change their font colour, when sending you a whisper, so keep an eye on that.
Scam/Phishing Emails: At the moment this isn’t something you need to worry about, as we’re not at that stage yet. However; when it gets to this point, you will may receive emails saying that if you do not verify you’re the owner of this account, your account will be banned. The links in these emails will look real, even the email address at the top will show that it’s from Sandbox, but this is just ghosting, which masks the real email address.
The links, if you hover over the link in the email (do not click it) will show you it’s taking you to a completely different address to what is shown in the email.


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