I think Life Surge in FFXIV in JP might also be Ryuken

4275 without a group, to be precise. I’d love to be able to flip over to MP burning mode if I’m out of TP and invigorate isn’t ready yet (a DRK habit I picked up), but I’m pretty sure giving Final Fantasy XIV Gil DRG effectively two resource pools would just put every other DPS in the dirt forever.

Maybe they could give DRG MP a use if they made a (real) tank variant…

I think Life Surge is Lancet.

Ryuken is the JP phrase for Lancer/Dragon/Lancet/Dragon Sword/Spirit Surge ability used in FF5/FF7/FF9/FF10/FF11 respectively. That being said, since FFXI’s Spirit Surge in JP is called Ryuken in the JP FFXIV, I think Life Surge in FFXIV in JP might also be Ryuken (the animation even shows dragon spirits wrapping around you, not unlike Freya’s ‘Lancer” attack in FF9. It also drains HP from the mob, just like Lancer/Lancet.

Now something like White Draw or Reis Wind would be cool abiltiies for a lv70 level cap in the future. Reis Wind could be a weaker AoE or even a self Regen, as opposed to Second Wind which is instant. White Draw could be an oGCD with like 120 potency that confers 25% of the damage into raid-wide +MP or something lol.

I guess, I was just thinking of creative ways for us to use our massive MP pool, even if it’s just added support when solo or in 4mans or something, kinda like Freya in FF9 that had some light support abilities in addition to her damage abilities. Nothing game changing or to increase our DPS as it’s already high, but I figure MNK has Mantra and Second Wind, DRG has Battle Litany but only at 52, no other real support or heals except from cross class. They could even make Cheap FFXIV Gil White Draw or Reis Wind a lancer ability so other people could cross class it.


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