Final Fantasy XIV CUL Blue Scrips help please!

Hello! I’ve recently gotten Final Fantasy XIV Gil into crafting, but need some help with starting off with Blue Scrips. I currently have the following leveled:
Culinarian 60
Carpenter 50
Every other craft 15

The problem is, I sped through the leveling of my Culinarian by burning through leves and didn’t realize that Blue Scrips were available from 56. Now, my Culinarian is 60 with no Blue Scrips, and when I looked at the ingredients to craft the easiest possible recipe, it asks me to use a Bullion Cube! I then proceed to find out that those are bought by spending Blue Scrips – naturally I think “What gives?” and looked around the forums to see that others have also noticed this. Unable to craft it, I went to the next easiest recipe that does not require a material from Blue Scrips (also the one many have recommended) the Marron Glace.

I pull out the ingredients and try to get to the minimum collectibility (which I can meet), but cannot manage to complete the craft afterwards. I have looked up many rotations that people use, to be disappointed with the fact that I am considerably under geared in terms of Craftmanship, Control AND Final Fantasy XIV CP.

Unfortunately, I do not have the money to buy better gear or to meld materia, and do not really have the intention to do so either. My goal is to just be a casual Culinarian who can craft level 60 foods with no big trouble.

Could someone please give me any tips of what I can do to overcome this problem?

Please and thank you!

One last thing: Please don’t say “level all your crafters to 50” or something along those lines. I’m pretty limited on playtime and I’m already working on Weaver and Alchemist for CSII and CZ.

Well, crafting level 60 food (HQ I’m assuming) “with no big trouble” will be hard if you’re undergeared and have no cross class abilities. Even with blue scrip gear this will not be that easy, but will be possible.

Final Fantasy XIV Marron Glace is a level 59 recipe, and is not exactly easy, especially cause you said you’re lacking on all relevant stats, so I’d say to look for some bullion cubes on MB to craft the easier recipes. Just craft something of the same level first to check if you can finish the craft with the minimum collectability, so you don’t spend gil for nothing. Any crafter with blue scrips can get it and lend to you… It’s just 40 blue scrips for a set of 5 bullion cubes, and you can give the mats back when you start getting the scrips yourself.

If this do not work cause your stats are way too low, you will have to get cheap ffxiv gil better gear, there’s no other way.


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