The Fifa Golden Ticket (ultimate way to bring FUT back to glory)

I am a former user of madden ultimate team and I made the transition to fifa ultimate team coins because I love the gameplay of fifa more than that of madden. One thing that madden has that I do believe trumps fifa is the extra add ons in ultimate team. In MUT there are many awesome features that are non-existent in fifa.

For example, rookie cards (imagine an 85 ovr Ronaldo at Man Utd), rookie legend cards (provide a cheap alternative to super expensive legends and may make it easier to hybridize teams because users wont be forced to spend millions on millions just for legend links, for example maybe an 84 ovr Viera, or 82 ovr Futre),

The feature that I loved most about MUT that I found the most fun was the golden ticket concept. Those that are unfamiliar 10 golden tickets are released over a week and the ten people that get these golden tickets get to customize and card of their choosing. The card they customize will then give a copy to themselves and the customized card is released into packs and it includes the creators gamertag on the card.

Something like this would get loads of people back into Ultimate team and would really help EA get cheap fifa 15 coins the community back on their side.

Also, for EA economically it would make sense, imagine the fifa youtubers and some of the fifa streamers just how much they would spend to be able to say they got a golden ticket, I guarantee it would be in the tens of thousands. Also, say a famous community member got a golden ticket, everybody would be dying to get their newly created card. This could be bigger than team of the year in my opinion, simply in terms of packs opened and amount of FP purchased.


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