FIFA 15 Custom Tactic – Everything on 100

So I was bored the other day and played Champions Shield. I’ve always wondered how my team will play if I set everything on 100. I played with standard tactic in the first half of the first round and the opponent lead 1-0 to the half break. I then got bored so I turned everything to 100 in my custom tactic settings. I totally dominated the 2nd half and I won the fifa 15 coins game 2-1 (His keeper played a great match and got 9 in rating. I should win much more)

In the quarter finals I met this team:

I set everything to 100 before the game and my team played really well. The match ended 4-4 and I won the penalty shoot-out. The reasons I conceded 4 goals is because Zlatan is freaking impossible to stop. He scored from every impossible angles.

In the semifinal I lead 3-1 against an opponent with clearly better players than me (Bale, Neymar, Suarez… And I usually lose to those opponents fairly). Sadly I lost 4-3 because I conceded 2 unlucky goals on corner (2 own goals, lmao)… I think I deserved to win that game but I felt unlucky for losing it due to 2 mistakes from my Al’s.

However I think my team plays much better when I set everything to 100. I did it for a joke but now I really need to use it more cheap fifa coins. Give it a try! Also sorry for my English.


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