they have FIFA 15 definetely incrased cardwheight

i’ve opened LOADS OF LOADS OF fifa 15 coins packs.

i was pretty sure that on my account there was wrote something like “never a joy”, “miracle doesnt’ happens”, “go f**k yourself”

opened three packs, 2 15k and 1 7.5k after selling so many bronzes irish players.

in the first up aguero, a free pack, a catalyst card

on the second fabregas (an 85 rated for me is like water on desert) and gundogan

on the 7.5k packs a green mcgeady that went in a millisecond

a couple of days ago i got fabregas and pirlo in the same pack

these may sound as s..t packs but trust me, i’ve never saw a card rated more than 86 in 3 years of fut (and it was aguero a month ago), and i’ve opened 3m of packs between tif messi and tif robben weeks


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