Having no fun anymore? Matchmaking and improvements fifa

Anyone else? I really have no fun on FIFA coins ps4 anymore, feels more like a chore to play. Dominating games, playing against players that seem to have god in goal for them, saving just about everything that comes to them, then your keeper is useless saving nothing.

The whole game needs a HUGE improvement, Its still a game based around Pace of players, so it seems and has been for such a long time now. And also…

Matchmaking (Seasons and FUT): Matchmaking feels god awful, Is matchmaking designed around your record? dose it partner you up with someone with a similar record and team? It should do! not people on FUT 15 coins using bronze bench glitches. and on seasons are you really playing people in the same division as you? I hope cause you can be in division 3 and feel like you’re playing against someone in division 10!
I would really want to know how the matchmaking works on this game. Doesn’t feel right at all.


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