92 rated, full chem FIFA squad

In Division 6…controlled by an * who is never going to make it to division 5.

Ok where to begin, I’m still laughing at this kid I just played. First fifa 15 coins of all I am an average player at best and today it was my second try trying to get out of division 6. I have been facing 5 million plus squads all division long, but this last game… Wow. He had Messi, Ronaldo, robben, kroos, iniesta , Ramos, lahm and neuer all TOTY. The rest was Schweinsteiger, Marcelo and Sif Hummels. This is all on ps4 so this team is worth so many barrels of oil. It was by far the easiest game I’ve played, he just ran with Robben all game long. I won 4-0, but I’m not kidding when I say that most of you division 1 guys could have beaten this kid using just one hand. Why would anyone pay this much money to get humiliated? (Don’t answer this one if you’re perverted). I will upload some footage I recorded to YouTube, but has this happened to more people? Haha, still giggling.

Let it go man….so the guy likes to spend money on the game. Perhaps he is wealthy enough to enjoy such luxuries. At least he didn’t disconnect on you (I’m assuming if he did you would have mentioned).

As for posting buy fifa coins links I’ve never bothered to figure it out lol but I assume it’s similar as with pics where you have to use a third party website like tinypic….


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