do the FIFA game devs honestly realise whats wrong with their game?

there is so much wrong with this fifa 15 coins game at the moment, and im not just talking about what people perceive to be wrong but actual deficiencies in the game.

for example,
manual switching, it still switches you automatically
replays, doesnt show up all goals
commentary, it very rarely lines up with actual game play, for example it’ll say “why did he shoot from there? its just greedy” when you shoot from a FK on the edge of the box.
through balls out wide, the player will now not run on an intercept course to get the ball, instead he will follow it out of play.
players not coming to the ball when passed to, they just wait and allow an opposition player to come get it.
players not locking onto the ball when put in via a through ball, they just run away from it.
throw ins where no-one comes to help you, your just standing there with no-one to throw it to.
referees kit clashing with one of the teams.
the ridiculous amount of cheaters that are on fifa coins pro clubs.

some of these things have been happening for years now, do EA game devs not test them enough? after all the vast majority of players can spot these things in the first hour of playing after release.
maybe i should be a tester for them


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