Ideas and Suggestions for Fifa 16

I would like to see a buy fifa 15 coins return of the training mode found in Practice arena.

With the option to press X or square after scoring for a replay.

I would also like to see that when simulating a game other than calender simulation or your injured, the game may or may not offer you a chance to play and come on as a sub. When the game starts it will show the substitute animation.
This cannot take place after the 75th minute, otherwise It would be pointless.

Other than being injured in training players can fall sick, or have to attend to personal matters which can rule them out of one game but this only happens very rarely.

The Arena lobbies would also be a great addition for manual players like myself, though I am aware that in the previous versions, there weren’t a lot of people using them.

As an extra, I would like more and more fluid cheap fifa 15 coins animations.
E.G, my player will go to walk away then suddenly flip 180 degrees to raise his hand about a card.
It would be better if he turned around or the referee called the player to him.


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