Good FIFA 15 CM team

There’s a few at Villa, we’ve had a torrid couple of seasons and have potential to be back up there (used to finish 6th/7th a few seasons ago) and have won European Cup before so Champion’s League potential. Clark, Okore, Delph and obviously Benteke are decent youngsters to use, Grealish gets cheap fifa 15 coins into high 80s. Also, Randy Learner (owner) is looking to sell in real life so a new manager/owner kind of story with or without a financial takeover is quite realistic & good fun. West Ham are always a favorite, Morrison, Carrol, Jenkinson and Reed all have potential above 80, Burnley/Leicester are good for a challenge but don’t have too many decent youngsters, Burnley have Ings and Trippier though. All have proper stadiums too which is nice.

As for C’ship I’d say Watford are a good option, few decent youngsters (Vydra (on loan), Murray) and are pushing for promotion irl. Nottingham Forest (Lascelles, Darlow (although they’re on loan from Newcastle), Patterson and Assombalonga), Sheffield Wednesday (Stevie May starts pretty high and gets up to high 70s) and Derby (Hughes (obvs), Hendrick & Russell). All teams with a few good youngsters who should really be in the Prem imo. Bournemouth are currently top irl and have a couple of decent youngsters (Gosling, Fraser & Matthews). Think they have a pretty small budget though.

If you really fancy a challenge, Sheffield United are a decent team to do, they were playing in the Prem about 8-9 years ago (can’t remember exactly) but are currently down in League One. They don’t have many youngsters but they are known irl for producing decent academy fifa coins players (Kyle Walker & Phil Jagielka both came from their academy) so you could invest in youth team scouting and try to get decent young players from there.


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