Fifa 15 / Origin issue

I started up FIFA 15 coins on PS4 for the first time in 2015 the other day in the hope of starting a new career mode. But when I tried to download the latest squads, I got a message saying I could not log on to EA servers, since I do not have an Origin account. I DO have an origin account and I have used it for playing FIFA since it was launched.

I read about the issue and learned that if you updated your profile on Origin the issue would go away. So I try to log in to Origin through their webpage (and various other methods on various devices and browsers), but I simply can’t. My log in information are correct, but it just loads forever until it gives up in the end making it impossible to see or update my info. The only way to get into Origin is through EA (hence this post), but even though I update my profile through here it won’t work.

2 things:

1) How do I solve this so I can play again?

2) Where is the hidden camera?