Is it me? Is it the FIFA 15 game

On Fifa 14 coins I used some slider settings I found and the game was perfectly realistic. Most of the games had one goal in them, you might have the odd heavy win but in the main….it played like a dream.

Fifa 15, I find a set of sliders again….and playing it feels like a chore. Players don’t seem to make intelligent runs and by the time there’s a decent pass to make I’ve been brushed off the ball. Despite having my pass assistance on semi, it seems to be incredibly difficult to make quick, accurate passes. There seems to always be a lack of passing options aside from passing sideways and backwards.

I barely have any shots in the games I play. It’s like a mission to actually get the ball into a position where I can have a shot. Any attempt at a probing pass is easily cut out.

I’ve tried in desperation setting the sliders back to default to see if that does any better.


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