The Fifa UT youtube community is coming to its deathbed

I’ll keep this short, but as we all know, the youtube community is full of videos of pack openings and ‘pink slips’ that pretty fifa 15 coins much mean nothing to both the person doing them and the viewers. A year ago if one of these youtubers pulled a Messi or a Ronaldo is a was a bit of entertainment, they might have showed some real emotion for once.

But this year, coins are so cheap, and they have been opening so many dam packs that a Messi or Ronaldo have been pulled 2-3 times by a single youtuber, and we aren’t even half way through the games calender year. The community is getting saturated with pointless videos trying to pull views, some have even resorted to naming their titles based on buzzwords so they don’t even make sense any more.

The only real beacons of light are people like Spencer or Kazooie, who actually try to make entertaining videos while harnessing actual football knowledge (plus they don’t promote coins).

These extreme pack openings and over reacted videos will grow stale soon, even to the younger viewer, then they will move on.

Spencer and Kazooie Youtube Channels:



I surely hope so, I had the urge to punch those screaming fuchs in the head for quite a while now. Not only are most of the fUT 15 coins videos absolutely valueless, but most of those guys made my experience of the game worse by promoting coins. Not that I watched any of them regularly, but if I wanted a player review or something you can’t get around those obnoxious donothings. I hope they go out of business real soon. Their viewers probably often don’t even understand that their Youtube-Idols are killing the market for everyone, including themselves.


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