Any way to adjust online matchmaking? FIFA 15 PC

As the title says, I want to know if there is any way to adjust the way you get matched while playing online (be it FUT 15 coins or seasons). Playing on PC, Origin gives you the option to get matched to people nearby, but it isn’t working as planned… I live in Argentina and I am continuously matched agains Brazilians, which makes almost every game unplayable. During FUT matches you get to see the oponent ‘s latency bars, which helps a lot, but during online seasons you just get right into the game. I assume by experience playing online games that I usually have around 80-100 ping while playing against Brazilians while Argentinians and others nearby give me smooth games with 20-60 ping.

Is there any way to adjust the max latency for the matchmaking? If not it would be a really nice feature to get included in a patch, as PC FIFA players are scarce and it’s even harder to get players from my zone. I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes if the match I will play is enjoyable.

All that said, I hope an OP gets to read this thread, and thank anyone that brings up anything helpful.

P.S: FUT’s Italian League (Division 1 single player) asks for BBVA players instead of Serie A. FIX IT!!!


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