Winter-wear after FIFA 15 player edit

Does anyone know why there is still the bug of losing a fifa 15 coins players winter-wear/ long-sleeves after you edit his boots in career mode?

If I edit my players to wear the boots that are actively made available in the catalogue after starting a career mode – during winter they revert to wearing short-sleeves and lose their underarmour. You instantly lose authenticity of the player to his real-life self. It’s particularly annoying with goalkeepers, where EA don’t seem interested in applying the branded gloves which are in their game (instead they leave most with EA gloves), so if you want to kit your GK out in authentic gloves and avoid the terrible EA ones, you end up with a GK wearing short-sleeves in winter (this looks odd) and a lot of PL goalkeepers, will never wear short-sleeves in real life. In fact it’s rare for GK shirts to even be made in short-sleeves.

Why would EA not correct this? I think the issue was there in 2013?? Terrible!

*I understand not everyone will appreciate this level of detail fifa coins*


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