FIFA southampton lol

well well southampton on this game bet people who saw them sign mane and ellia thought yes i can abuse them if they were on fifa 15 coins people would not win a game with them because all they have got is pace fifa 13 wasn’t built on pace i was winning 2-1 scored a header with a 5 ft 8 guy so obviously he got mad and brought on ellia to play on counter just run it all the way down the field he just come on so he just blitz passed my players who were near on empty in stamina to square it to the player cheap goal he is french and the only team he plays with is southampton i looked at his recent results and his recent matches he won by 3-0 4-0 mostly all of them the way he plays abusing the game i was the only player to score two past him in the last 10 matches.. so i know i am a good player so i didnt mind losing because after all on this game its about speed and nothing else nothing you can do!


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