Career FIFA 15 mode harder?

Been playing fifa 15 coins since the first week hadn’t had any issues with career mode or kick of until about 4 weeks ago.

Started a new career mode with tottenham recently and have had the following issues which now are on every offline game mode.

First the difficulty seems to be the same from legendary to amateur can’t break down play when attacking anymore the cpu seems to press my team all over the pitch making any pass nigh on impossible. Players don’t charge dead balls until cpu has reached ot first then my players run at half speed to reach their players.

Every team now starts 5 at the back and no players pull out of position making it hard to attack. I have used sliders too to change the shot and pass error in fact most of the sliders to only make no difference. I have played through 3 seasons so far and every season gets harder most notably I played Wigan which is a low star rated team and had upto 26 shots on goal which the keeper saved all of but they had one and scored. This was on amateur too.

The referees give any decisions against me resulting in a guarenteed goal and let decisions go against me even if I get cropped in the box.

The passing accuracy of every team I play is 90% to 100% accurate as when I check the match stats after the game even though sometimes it displays 60/70% the tackling is also the same and even if they disposses me and the ball doesn’t get controlled by the cpu it will somehow find its way to another cpu player.

I spoke to one of the live chat people last night only to be asked, “have you tried changing the difficulty level” haha didn’t even read the issues. Then told me the problem may lie in a corrupted game file and said to delete the file on my fifa 15 coins xbox 360 so I did and nothing has changed im quite fed up now as my game saves had about 10 different career modes on them and ive put in well iver 200+ hours on the game and now have no games saved and the game is still playing like this.

Anybody else having issues like this?


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