how do i FIFA 15 beat 4312 41212’s 4321’s 442

im a avid 433 user avid 4231 (2) user and well these formations i face i say 8 out of 10 fifa 15 coins games.

they clog up the middle i can’t move get on the wing do anything really. its usually a pacey team that fits this mold it gets constant one pass counters to the strikers or cam. long through balls always working i jsut dont get what i got to do.

its worse then how op 352 was years back.

Cut in between the full back and the CDM just behind the winger/cm. there’s almost always space. Chops and berba spins are great too if he double man presses.

Tbh though – 4231(1&2) are significantly harder to break down imo. At least with false 9 as they make it so hard for the cf to operate

See i use 4231 (2) and it gets murdered on the counter worse then 433(4)

i really don’t get what your saying.

i personally just switched my 433 serie a team to a 4312 taking out canderva and el shawarry and im not scoring every chance but im still only getting under 10 shots a game.

i feel the formations i use just get out beat by anything with a cam and two strikers. 433(4) is now on my do not play list.

i search cheap fifa 15 coins for hours on end for one match because of all the exploits and these clog the middle high pressuer formations.


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