Same old EA FIFA 15

It’s the best soccer/football game on the market, but with EA it’s always laughable. Why play a team like Liverpool with Gerrard and Super Mario when Blackburn Rovers play like Chelsea or Man.? Underneath every FIFA is just, for the most part, the same old programming! Same trouble with the boots turning black and white, same old last minute AI goals, year after year. Except this year you need a super pc to run the game and yes I know it’s just a game. I will give it to EA for making FIFA 15 better than any other game (since PES has been such a fail lately), I stopped playing PES 2012 for now. Overall PES 2012 is still better in a way, it’s more exciting, the AI will take better shots at your goal and you don’t feel so raked over in the 45th and 88th minute of every game. If it weren’t for the wonky ball physics in PES 2012, it would be just about as good as FIFA 15 Coins. I do like the less robotic movements in the new FIFA, smooth movement makes for a better game.


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