The Post Patch Ultimate Guide To Winning

So you want to win?

Well here are a few things i have found which seem to be tremendous help in getting you wins.

Start with high pressure and then proceed to run your players into opposition players. You don’t tackle, you don’t jockey you just run your buy fifa 15 coins players into them.

Dont worry about whether your midfield can pass or not. The most important pieces to the jigsaw is having your defenders in position to start lobbing balls up the pitch.

The aim of the game is to keep lobbing them through balls. If at first you don’t succeed. Try and try again. One will eventually get through.

Recommended players: Ibarbo, Sturridge, Remy, Aubameyang, Welbeck, Adrian Ramos.

Recommended players for lobbed through balls: Any player will be competent of carrying out a lobbed ball with pin point accuracy.


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