forum PF from FIFA 15 Ps section

just thought i share this with you guys. alot of people say forum Pfing cant be done but some of you may of seen a few days ago zantheman posted that he, aurry my self and another person successfully PF IF perin after people always say forum PF dont work… well tonight we struck again.

this time our target was IF Ekdal a silver Seria A midfielder. with it being so close to TOTY many people would of thought a PF would never work but with help this time from Celticsean we hit gold.

we at one point had 42 FIFA Coins Ekdal bought at a average of 87k around 3.6 million invested and we have sold every one ( excpet 2 im keeping ) for 100-140k each making a nice 2-3 million profit between us all.

a speacial thanks goes to abdul to for his kind remarks …. we went to far !!! lol


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