Home & away FIFA 15 kits

Hello, this has been bugging me since playing online for a few years.

In seasons mode I play with Spurs, we play in white and blue. So when I play liverpool they should be in there home kit of red and not there away colour white as the red kit dosnt clash with spurs.

Away teams only wear there away kit or second kit when it clashes with the home team, please can you fix this, it would make the game so much more realistic.

Its because EA FIFA 15 Coins added the option of being able to choose what kit you wear, regardless of if youre home or away, if I select Man Utd’s 3rd blue kit, then I wear it even at home, its ridiculous and unrealistic, you should only be able to choose the 2 or 3 kit if theres a clash (and youre the away team), but EA don’t know the word realism..


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