FIFA 15 Player Career Mode halftime length

Hi guys i have a question i hope someone can answer me.

I have created a player in the ”Player career mode” in hope of becoming a world class fifa 15 coins player (+85) and i can see that i have some accomplichments i need to fulfill such as number of passes, goals scored etc.

Furthermore there is a game-length setting.

My question is:

Will i develop faster and better the longer i set the halftime setting?

As an example: there is an accomplishment in which i should reach 1500 passes. However that is quite much since i’m averaging 10-15 atm as a striker using a 4 minute halftime length.

Longer halves will help for any in game achievements as you have more time to get stuff done, however it will take you longer to get through a season etc and it can get boring at times


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