OMG So Fu*kin Happy fifa 15

So i messed up yesterday and bought a Maldini for 3.5m (thinking i could sell on for 3.9m) and ive been watching his price all day and he has been like 3.3m. But mine just sold for 3.75m BIN. I was thinking i would be making a 400k+ loss but ended up breaking even/making a little bit of coins. The Cheapest at the mo is 3.4m. to say i got lucky would be an under statement. Anyone else made any losses on any players they bought last night? Ive lost about 100-200k on a few legends that i bought last night, but on the other hand ive made around 300-400k today (done an all nighter and traded all night)

Yeah i had something similar. everything was going well at first and then boom. i just started losing coins, mine started with
Ronaldo: Bought for 3,050,000 and sold for 3.3m
Messi: Bought for 2.4m and sold for 2.7m
Hagi: Bought for 1m and sold for 1.2m
MOTM Ramos bought for 1.7 and sold for 1.9m

and then i thought i was gunna lose 500k on maldini but ended up making 62k fifa coins profit. And ive still got Hierro and Okocha left to sell. Hoping to at least break even on them though. Atleast you sold Ibra though


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