Assisted settings are what is really killing FIFA

Seriously, what’s the thrill of playing with assisted settings? I just don’t get it. Why not assisted dribbling? Hell, just let the game play for you?

The problem is I see a lot of people complaining about this and that, pace this, lb+y that, moaning about stuff that isn’t really fixable as long as assisted settings exist. Pace is SPOT ON in this game. And by pace I mean actual player speed. The problem is the “redonculous” ping pong assisted speed-passing that makes it impossible to play a realistic football match. Add that to LB+Y passes that any 5 year old can pull off, and shooting in which you can aim for the corner flag and still score, and BANG, game ruined.

IF you really want a proper game, pressure EA into making Full Manual on Ranked matches, or at least all Manual except shooting, for which Semi is fine. Seriously, this is the only way we can ever make FIFA a playable game for adults and non-dudebro teenagers.

Its got absolutely nothing to do with Assisted settings, try playing Offline with reduced sliders for passing speed, player speed & acceleration, also set the game speed to Slow..

The reason for the ridiculous noob passing online is the SPEED of the fifa 15 coins game!!

But if you slowed the online speed down online it would require thinking, and skill, which is down to EA catering for clueless football fans..

Ping pong is not the problem. In real life we call it tiki taka. That’s legit. Assisted settings is not the problem either. LB+Y doesn’t work either post-patch, unless you’re a high pressure player who keeps a high defensive line and gets caught. I never keep a high line so I’m fine.

It’s the impossible passes that need to be adjusted. A player should not be able to pass with full accuracy to another player who he cannot or didn’t see unless he saw him there before. If he saw a player in a position before and then no longer can see him, his pass accuracy in that instance should deteriorate.

Years ago there was a tech demo on vision and the better vision a player has the less time it takes him to realize positions and make a good pass. So this should be a full extension of that.


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