I found both my players missing from my FUT club

I packed Ronaldo and Di maria and after the recent maintenance I found both my players missing from my FUT club. I have been waiting for 10 days and they eventually gave me only 50,900 coins for my players. This is a not acceptable from EA. I will never buy an EA product again. Fifa 15 is the last one for me and besides nobody can play this game because of things such as cheating. This game makes people really angry because you cannot play the game properly. If the game wants, you win, if the game wants, your opponent wins. You cant control your players it’s EA predetermining the outcome of the game. Regarding missing players, Ea don’t care because EA FIFA 15 Coins only want our money. ?f they don’t give me my missing players (Ronaldo and Di maria) they know i will buy fifa points and continue to open packs but i will never give any more money to this company. This is my last message in this forum. Ea you must know now you are making a lot of money but if a good football game was released you will lose all of your customers because you are making a lot of mistakes and don’t fix them or the issues in the game. A lot of players sense something is off with the game yet you constantly deny everything and now you can ban me but you must be sure i will share these problems and your mistakes wherever I wish. Is it really hard to investigate and find 2 player of a FUT club in 10 days? I know you wont give me my players and you want me to buy more fifa points but I won’t. Sorry for my bad English. I am only trying to post about my problem and i know you wont fix this


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