FIFA 15: 50 Highest Rated Players In 2014

Ahead of the much anticipated release of FIFA 15 Coins, game developers EA Sports have already given us something to whet our appetites. But the newly revealed Top 50 players will cause some contention!

As it is every year, the new rankings before the game’s release gets people talking. Each of us may think that we’re so much better at FIFA than the rest of our friends (I am, trust me) but what good are you if you don’t have the tools to work with? Endless debate rages on over who should be the highest rated players on each edition of the franchise, and with good reason.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but that’s what helps make FIFA so great. The game play is second to none, but the banter is priceless – and that can start in earnest from the September 26th release date.

Of course, some players are so gifted that they can even take FIFA minnows – lets take Danish club Brondby as an example – to overcome the biggest clubs in the game. But for the majority, the newly revealed ratings for the game’s best players will be very important to their leisure time over the next year or so.

So, are the players worthy of their rating this year? FIFA are usually pretty accurate with their overall decisions, but opinion will no doubt be split over who should be the best ranked from the top two players on the planet, as well as from the plethora of other players gracing the world’s greatest clubs. Read on to find out if every one of the top fifty are worthy of their ranking.


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