FIFA talents looking for fresh blood

Don’t get fooled by the small amount of games our club has played. We’re a small group of players that decided to create a new club to climb the leaderboard. We’re all very experienced players.

We have several rules that we stick to:
– The managers always decide which position anyone is playing
– Everybody can have criticism, but we want people to tell eachother normally. We don’t like people to fight and swear
– We play a passing game. There’s no FIFA Coins place for dribbling the whole game
– If you trial for a position don’t expect to play any other position if it’s already taken.
– If you join the club we want you to have a mic
– We want to stay active every night. Ofcourse you can skip now and then, but try to be there a lot.

At the moment we’re looking for:
– CB
– GK
– Striker

If you’re interested add Denthemen88 or Mikmatlfc on PSN and send a message on PSN.

See you soon guys!


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