The FIFA 15 community mentality

I love this game. EA FIFA 15 Coins have done an amazing job recreating real life football. It’s not perfect, I know. But it’s getting real damn close. When I face an opponent actually willing to play good football, it is so enjoyable.

However! Most of the people I face, let’s say 3/4, are so obsessed with getting the laziest, cheapest wins possible. I am past the point of finding pace + high pressure annoying. It is just boring now! I can’t even be bothered cutting off zigzag runs.
I try to get my enjoyment out of playing my own game, win or lose. And I advise anyone reading this to do the same. It has changed the game for me.

Next time you feel like cursing this game or EA, ask yourself what it is you’re actually annoyed by.

I just get bored. If I’m playing single matches and it’s a draw at fulltime against someone playing like a * I just score an OG. That way I don’t have to put up with another 30 in game minutes of terrible gameplay, followed by a penalty lagfest and I’m on to the next game against a no doubt more enjoyable opponent!

Went up 4-0 in a Div 1 game just then so me and my opponent resorted to trying to score with our keepers.

He nearly scored with Howard lol. Handanovic nearly scored a free kick.


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