Why 442 is the best formation in FIFA 15


With this formation the back four are solid and they won’t move out of position and when u attack they will press the middle of the field along with your 2 cm’s causing the available space for your opponets to be limited, think of it like the defense and the attackers are squeezing the middle of the field causing way less space to operate. Why is this good? It’s because passing is easier and more effective, short passes and 1-2 passing are easy to use while your opponents players will be forced to squeeze into a tighter space making it easier for u to find open spaces. Many of you younger fans might not know of a man called Arrigo Sacchi. Ex Milan coach who revolutionized football in the late 80s and early 90’s with his ac Milan team playing 442 and causing opponents all over the world to watch on in amazement as his team wreaks havoc in all competitions. I copied this style of play from him and used it in fifa.

now this is where this formation really shines. this is the engine of the 442, this is where you will make plays and defend, so u need a midfielder that can run all match and is and all round player. Personally I use Alex witsel and javi Garcia for my russian team, and marchisio and Vidal for serie a, and Fellaini and Ramsey for bpl. So u get what I mean. On the wings u need players that can do both jobs defend and attack. Players like asamoah or lichsteiner is perfect for this. This type of total football midfield four will make attacking plays easier with 6 players and defense real solid with 8 FIFA 15 Coins PC players.


ok here is where u can be creatiive. U can either play with 2 strong * like lewandowski and Ramos or 2 speedy * like doumbia and must or a mix like giovinco and llorente. Personally I switch it around but if you are new to this formation then I would stick with 2 fast * then transition to bigger strikers.

Please share your awesome 442 teams here!!


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