ABduls’s in FIFA 15 trouble

I did a lil digging around and I see EA has done something in these two recent maintenances to stop the bots in their tracks. Not saying all the bots are off the market but a substantial proportion are. This is why so many are finding bargains in the bins. Iv seen a fair few posted on the forums recently. Missed out on a couple myself by a few secs.

Anyways I have to applaud EA for doing that, it will be a lot better trading now but you know ABdul’s is looking for a fix. Its a cat and mouse game right now EA is ahead doubt it will be long before ABdul’s back with a vengeance.

Not sure if they did something that helped fix the glitch as well, its possible. If thats the case then thens are looking up for the FUT 15 Coins market.

Have not come accross anything incredible yet but hearing people have, still some good profits being made all round. Time to enjoy some trading again.


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