Just lost a FIFA 15 game

I really should have won. Hit the post three times, was offside by a negligible amount so two goals disallowed, opposition got a penalty that should never have been, the simplest passes going astray, opposition 2x faster than me etc etc etc.

There’s no way in bazillion years that if it had been a fair game I’d have lost it. Happens time and time again. What i want to know is how those who have these 160-3-2 w/d/l ratios do it? Is it fiction or offline because I’d swear to whatever God is or isn’t out there that there’s no way in a million years if I was the FIFA equivalent of Messi that I could win some of these games.

Totally does my head in.

And since when has Gourcuff been way faster than Marcelo? Apparently he is. In my last game Gourcuff could outsprint Marcelo even when he had the ball no problemo, so beware.

Story of my FUT 15 Coins, I battle every game with this team, usually dominate win over half, but lose to that one guy who has Sturridge and Remy up top with a lazy long ball.

I love the fact I make the game more of a challenge with a team like this, but it is still frustrating to lose when you have more shots, more possession etc.

Hoping EA gives a few more Senegal players an IF, doing well so far 4 already and I can have any French keeper so hoping a good one gets an IF only Anthony Lopes has so far and not sure he’s any better than Enyeama. I picked Enyeama to keep the African theme going, but if a good IF comes out I’ll swap him.


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