FIFA 15 Nepenthez

Claims he got hacked. Provided a somewhat believable story, but he did say it happened yesterday even though he uploaded a video on striker Ronaldo just a few hours ago. Also he claimed the Origin rep he talked to was helpful. He claims that his account was completely locked by someone, but his stuff still disappeared. Seems a little fishy. Also apparently another youtuber posted a video today claiming they were hacked. People in the comments section are saying they think Nepenthez is lying and his account just got reset for promoting coinsellers. Is there hope for FUT 15 Coins?

What do you guys think?

Nepenthez claimed he was hacked but it may be that he was reset for promoting a coin seller

Can’t guarantee it untill either side confirm or deny it. I don’t mind Nep or other YT’ers, sure I don’t like they break the rules & such, but at the end of the day, they seem to be getting away with it for the most part, which is the annoying thing. If they’re breaking rules, or advertising sites to break rules, then they should be banned & such, but most of them arn’t & if they are, it takes ages for it to happen. EA needs to crack down otherwise whats the point in saying they’re fighting these people.


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