FIFA 15 Player Ratings Leaked

This close to release date, everyone who is planning to buy FIFA 15 Coins is talking about it. The rumor mill is going crazy, and now a number of player ratings have leaked and are circulating the web. This happens every year around this time, and while the ratings are not definite (as they may be inaccurate), you can be sure that everyone is already arguing about them. A list hit the web just the other day that shows the supposed player scores for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Player ratings are a central aspect of the franchise. Each year, EA assigns a value out of 100 to every player in the game. The ratings are based on the performance of the real-life players in the previous season. So FIFA 15’s player ratings are based on the performance of players during the 2013-14 season. These ratings in turn inform the performance of the virtual players in the game.

Naturally there is a great deal of contention when FIFA gamers disagree with EA about the value of particular players. All it takes is a tiny perception of undervalue or overvalue and fans can get pretty fierce. Who are some of the players that gamers are complaining may be under- or overvalued this year?

Luke Shaw – 76
Mesut Ozil – 87
Didier Drogba – 83
Raheem Sterling – 80
James Rodriguez – 86
Alexis Sanchez – 84
Per Mertesacker – 82
Aaron Ramsey – 83
Diego Costa – 86
Robin van Persie – 87
Daniel Sturridge – 84
Andres Iniesta – 90
Player ratings are highly subjective when we are talking about such marginal changes (plus or minus a percentage point in many cases), so no matter what EA does, odds are someone is going to be unhappy with some rating or other. Do you agree or disagree with the player ratings above? Share your thoughts with us in the comments field below, and while you’re at it, be sure to share your thoughts on other aspects of the game on the FIFA 15 wishlist page.

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